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Mooring Buoy Program

Most recreational areas lack permanent mooring buoys for boats to use in lieu of  anchoring.  Therefore, fishing crews frequently throw anchors into the fragile coral structures causing serious physical damage.  As a result PKA and The Nature Conservancy installed 25 Halas mooring buoys in Komodo National Park.

The Halas mooring buoy system works by embedding a stainless steel mooring pin into a hard substrate within a coral reef.  This system causes very little disturbance to the surrounding habitats.  Under normal circumstances, the 'anchor' itself does not move under water.  This feature eliminates the dragging damage common with other buoy systems.  It is one of the most environmentally mooring systems available for small to medium sized boats.

In is hoped that in the future this program can evolve to a point where it is controlled by local authorities.  Local Park rangers and divers have been trained how to install and maintain the buoys so, along with local fisherman and NGOs, have the knowledge to take control of the program.  This move will allow for the local involvement needed to help monitor and maintain the mooring buoy program in the future.


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