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Awareness and Constituency Building

Given the complexity of ecological processes and competing resource uses in Komodo National Park, effective management can only be achieved with the commitment of all resource users.  The success of Park Management depends on its ability to balance the needs of all involved.  Moreover, given limited government funding and personnel, the participation of all parties is crucial to the Park's sustainability.  

For effective protection of the Park, there is a need to increase awareness concerning the fragility of the terrestrial environment, the richness of the marine environment, and the ability of the marine resources of the Park to provide a sustainable source of livelihood.  Of equal importance is to increase the awareness of people in external agencies involved in the management of the Park.

In February 1996 a coordination forum took place to discuss the potential management, development and enforcement approaches for Komodo National Park with relevant provincial and local stakeholders in Labuan Bajo.  Participants included forestry, fisheries and tourism officials, mayors, planning and police officers, court officials, legislators, military, NGO representatives and local village leaders from Komodo, Sumbawa and Flores.  Presentations were given by various groups and participants worked in smaller groups on enforcement, park boundaries and zonation, and alternative livelihood strategies.  

Also, since 1996, an awareness team has been in place that is in constant dialogue with the key communities in and around the Park.  Special emphasis has been given to the identification and training of young representatives in each of the villages and teachers of elementary schools.  Materials have been developed including a coral reef flip chart, posters, comic books on dynamite fishing, and leaflets on the Park.  Results from the monitoring programs on corals, fish, cetaceans, and resource utilization patterns were also integrated into the awareness programs.  Recently, in May 2000, a training workshop was organized for local NGOs and community members on the planning and tools for park awareness programs.  Specific outputs included the development of a billboard, a song, puppet  show, sermon sheets and leaflet on park regulations and marine conservation messages.  Also, a billboard was placed at Komodo airport with information on marine conservation.  

In the future steps need to be taken to increase staff skill levels within the Park.  At present, there is a deficiency in knowledge of fisheries and Marine Park issues.  Also, the high level technical, managerial, and legal skills required to implement the Park's objectives are often lacking.  With continued awareness programs and training, the quality and skill level of the staff, as well as the knowledge of the general population, will greatly increase.


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